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Our search recommendations

Recommendation #1:

If you want to search for a ruling from a specific judge, select your county FIRST, THEN select your judge, THEN enter your keywords (such as the name of the ruling, the issue you are researching, etc.). This is the fastest way to narrow your search.

Example: Select "Los Angeles" (county); Select "Teresa Baudet" (judge); Enter "Judgment on the Pleadings" (without quotes)

Note: This also works when you simply want to search by county only—just skip selecting the judge and go right from county to keywords.

Recommendation #2:

If you want to search the entire state for examples of a rulings, go straight to the "Search by Keyword" box and enter keywords for your ruling. You will receive all of the tentative rulings made by every judge in every county we serve containing the information you have entered.

Example: Enter "Quash Protective Subpoena" (without quotes); Click "Search"

Recommendation #3:

You are NOT required to enter "start" and "end" dates. Leaving those boxes blank will simply call up every motion available from all dates captured on the site. However, for attorneys who want to follow certain rulings on a statewide basis day-by-day, start by entering your keywords and the current date, click "Search", and you will receive today's rulings for your desired subject matter.

Example: Enter "PAGA Settlement" (without quotes); Enter 07/13/2024 (today's date); Click "Search"

Recommendation #4:

You are able to narrow your search by excluding certain keywords of phrases. Place a minus symbol right before a keyword or phrase (using quotes) to exclude results that contain those keywords/phrases.

Example: Enter "motion to quash" -agreement -"improperly served"; Click "Search"