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Have questions? Review the answers below or contact us.

Why don’t you provide tentative rulings from all 58 California counties?

Not all counties have elected to post tentatives on their websites. Others don’t post them in a way that is easy to capture and transfer to our site. The same is true of certain judges within counties that do post. However, with over 300 judges participating at present, you can still gather a wealth of information from the opinions of judges throughout the state to assist you in your case research. And we are constantly searching for new opportunities to gather information from additional counties and the judges within them.

How often do you post rulings?

Typically, we post rulings every business day. Roughly 100 tentatives are added to the site daily, representing the most current, relevant, and helpful opinions that California judges are offering.

Some counties archive their tentative rulings already. Why do you bother to also post those entries?

For two reasons: 1.) those rulings are not usually formatted in a way that is easiest for you to access (such as by judge or keyword), and 2.) it’s simply better for you to have every pertinent ruling up and down the state available at your fingertips. Your membership gives you complete access to all of the rulings we post, from all of the judges, all of the time.

Why aren’t all tentatives posted?

We certainly could post every ruling, and it would actually be easier for us. However, not all rulings provide the same research value as others. We take the time to sort through them all, then we capture and post the ones that are instructive, pertinent, and helpful to our members. Selecting the most relevant rulings is more work for us, but this process will save our members both time and money in the long run.

What are the ways I can search for the information I need?

You can search by county, by judge, by title of ruling, or by any keyword contained in the text.